Michael Clawson

Swimming up the stream of digital chaos & bliss. Chief Fish of Big Fish Creations, an advertising and digital media company in the Sierra town of Graeagle. www.bigfishcreations.com

Tilt-Shift Color III

Tilt-Shift Color II

Tilt-Shift Color I

DARTH VADAR VOICE: “Ryan, I am your lover!” Cc/ @sallyclawson

DARTH VADAR VOICE: “Ryan, I am your lover!” Cc/ @sallyclawson

So, @mallymkun turned 18 today. Happy birthday, Little Dove! So proud of this young woman!

From the shore, I witnessed the sun’s last caress of the day. Now, it’s time to dream — dream big.

The Tree of Life.

Ichabod’s Nightmare.

The Demonoid.

Marriage by Baptism. #reflectapp #PeterandCraigs_ffa

Looking Through Fall’s Intricate Web.

Interstellar Borealis. Made with #reflectapp and #mexturesapp

Dandelion Reimagined.

Painted Ponies Say Hello.

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