Michael Clawson

Swimming up the stream of digital chaos & bliss. Chief Fish of Big Fish Creations, an advertising and digital media company in the Sierra town of Graeagle. www.bigfishcreations.com

Tip Magic!

The grass is always greener on the other side. Mind the trolls and barbed wire.

Who me? Surely you mean the udder one? #COW395 #upclose

Don’t Play Misty For Me.

Evening with the Mrs.

Beginning the stockpile of winter wood.

Some dogs like bones. Ours like rocks. Rock on, Boston, #RockOn

Diva Supreme, Nature Being. Let me sit beneath your gaze — listen to your truth in whispers and tears.

Alien Communion.

Dark. Somewhere Far. Where I am. Waiting the return.

Summer leaves begin their slow departure. Made with #mexturesapp FORMULA: YCKQXGL #earthday

Found an oasis in the nick of time. #cafiend (at Chalet View Lodge)

This is Steve, My Qui-Gon Jinn, Master Jedi Nerd from my yesteryears. Had a great visit this weekend sharing old stories from our days in retail computer sales.

Your Houndess! #princess #pup Made with @mexturesapp #mexturesapp

Best part of waking up is coffee in your cup.

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